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Case 4 - Diverse Posts for Different Markets

Planning and versatility to adapt to each client's unique brand persona and tone.

Note: Translation of the texts within the images and the captions below them.

Market: Agribusiness.

post variado 5.png

Translation of the text within the image: Did you know that Brazil's independence was a milestone for our agriculture?

Translation of the caption: Coffee production was introduced in our country during the colonial period, but it was only after our independence that production flourished in the Southeast region.

Exports, which were at 3,178 of 60kg bags, rose to 51 million and 361 thousand bags in the 1880s and 1890s. Pretty cool, right? Happy Independence Day to our country and agriculture!

Market: Print shop and Publishing.

post variado 4.png

Translation of the text within the image: Some posters can change history!

Translation of the caption: To reach your audience, a good poster is an excellent tool. Create yours with the best team of professionals in the region!

Market: Real Estate/Construction.

Post 1-

post variado 3.png

Translation of the text within the image: Secure your piece of Deorum now!

Translation of the caption: Sales for this new paradise are going really well! That's why you can't waste any time and secure your portion of this excellent investment! Don't miss this opportunity!

Post 2- 

post variado 2.png

Note: The work done on this social media platform had above-average engagement compared to the previous parameters and contributed to the total sale of the project.

Translation of the text within the image: When was the last time you enjoyed a good view?

Translation of the caption: With the hustle and bustle of daily life, we often don't have time to relax and appreciate a beautiful scene. Thinking of you, Deorum will be surrounded by a view that will truly amaze you! Come and see for yourself!

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