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Case 3 - Creative Posts for special dates

Note: Translation of the texts within the images and the captions below them.

Humor, originality, and persuasive language used to encourage engagement with the brand. It's worth noting that these techniques are not only used for special occasions but also in campaigns, promotions, and general actions.

Market: Advertising agency.

dia do estagiário.png

Translation of the text within the image: August 18th. Intern Day.
Translation of the caption: Congratulations to all our interns... now get back to work! Just kidding, folks!

Market: Motorcycle retail.

post data comemorativa 2.png

Translation of the text within the image: Happy Mother's Day. No matter how far we travel, their love will always be the home of our souls.
Translation of the caption: Our entire team wishes you a happy Mother's Day!

Market: Politics

post data comemorativa 3.png

Note: This work on his social media contributed to the candidate being elected as the mayor of Rio Quente/GO in 2017.
Translation of the text within the image: No Tobacco Day - May 31st
Translation of the caption: Today is No Tobacco Day!
Let's face this fight, and information is one of the most powerful means of combat. Remember that smoking can cause about 50 different diseases, especially heart and circulatory problems, various types of cancer, and respiratory diseases.
As a doctor, I feel obligated to alert the population about this addiction that has caused so many problems for people.

Market: Restaurants.

post data comemorativa 4.png

Note: This work on their social media generated above-average interactions compared to the brand's previous average, contributing to their branding.

Translation of the text within the image: Father-in-Law's Day - March 10th
Translation of the caption: Want to impress your father-in-law?
Few people know that March 10th is Father-in-Law's Day! But believe me, he deserves it! After all, he entrusted you with what he had of most precious !

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