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Case 2- post for communities (Community management)

Notice the strategic use of text to encourage engagement in the posts. In addition to content creation, other tasks were performed within the communities, such as user interaction, data analysis, campaign management, trend monitoring, influencer engagement, strategy development, and benchmarking.
Note: Translation of the texts within the images and the captions below them.
Market: Music artists (fan communities)
post matheus e kauan_edited.jpg

Note: Over 11,000 likes and 400 comments.

Translation of the text within the image: Decide: Who will you hug first?


Caption translation:A promotion is coming up, and it could get you really close to us! So, the only thing missing is for you to decide who will get your first hug!

post matheus e kauan 2.png

Note: Over 11,500 likes and 637 comments.

Translation of the text within the image: You are my favorite place. My oxygen.

Caption translation: Halfway through the journey that I still have to walk... How about tagging that special person here?

Market: Motor vehicle market (motorcycle community)
post variado 6.png

Note: The "Historic Harleys" post series, created by me, generated above-average audience engagement on the community page.

Caption translation: 
The first Harley-Davidson with electric start appeared in 1965. That's why the model is known as the "Electra Glide." Keeping the term "Glide" in reference to the hydraulic suspensions. In that same year, the Pan Head engine was also assembled.

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