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Scripts for videos

*English captions available for all videos.
Visualização da Casa
Fábrica de café
Case 1: Condo Hotel Levin

A storytelling-driven video and script case to engage, captivate, and convert sales for the construction company by appealing to emotions.

Case 2: Terra Fértil Agribusiness

An institutional video that uses emotional triggers and data to establish authority and evoke feelings of pride and admiration in employees and partners.

Case 3: Serra Norte - Estate Coffee

Institutional script and video with emotional triggers and strategic use of adjectives to differentiate the product and brand among the target audience.

Case 4: Pulses By Gupy - Product Demo

Script and video created with an initial hook focused on one of the pains of the HR persona. It aims to demonstrate the product's use and convert for its trial.

Case 5: Partyu Social App

A product video for a startup targeting event producers. It primarily focuses on addressing pain points, showcases mockups, and delivers a compelling pitch.

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