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Case 1: Charcoal Sunset Restaurant

A stylish dining and gathering destination in California, with the cuisine led by Chef Josiah Citrin, while I supervised the brand's email marketing.

Case 2: Fashion - Riot Society

Los Angeles-based ecommerce-focused clothing brand. Recognized for its quirky and occasionally humorous style.

Case 3: Construction - Bertet Builders

Family-owned remodeling company, specialized in high-end kitchen and bathroom renovations, with 25 years of market experience. See this amazing Email Marketing work.                 

Case 4: Motorcycling - Mustang Seats

Company based in Massachusetts since 1980, a leader in the design and manufacture of world-class motorcycle seats. See my work with this brand!

Case 5: Storage - Buy Rack

Company based in Illinois with over 40 years leading the rack market, material handling equipment, and office furniture. See my work with them!

Email Marketing (Global Clients)

I planned, wrote, implemented, and tracked the effectiveness of various email strategies, increasing brand visibility, driving conversions, and enhancing post-purchase engagement

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