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Dr. Maria Lígia: The Dangers of Aesthetic Procedures

Article created for a dermatologist with a focus on the female audience. Notice the language adaptation.

Jean Darrot: Shoulder and Sleeve Trends for Summer 2020

A brand with 40 years in Men's and Women's fashion. Note text adaptation to the target audience.

Dr. Adhemar Jr: Plastic Surgery of Exaggeration: The Boundary between Aesthetics and Excess

Renowned plastic surgeon specialized in facial procedures. Created following RCM guidelines.

Virtuli: Most Sought-after Body Procedures for Summer

Article created to take advantage of seasonality of aesthetic procedures. Tailored to a female audience.

Dr. Arthur Rocha: Who Can Help You Lose Weight

Article created in a ghostwriting format for a Nutrologist. Notice the language adaptation.

Hospital do Rim: 5 Myths and Truths about Kidney Stones

Leading hospital in Goiânia specialized in Urology and various medical specialties. Article created following Regional Counsel of Medicine guidelines.

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