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Case 4- Caibem Decorações

Note: The demonstration of this case has been authorized by the respective parties, and its presentation here does not guarantee similar results.
Campaign Type: Max.Performance (focus on sales)
Conversion Rate: 2.18%
Cost/Conversion Value: R$39.28
Conversion Value: R$108.94
Total Cost: R$825.00
simbolo_flecha_no_alvo (1).png
Trackable Results:
21 purchases in 7 days
Strategy: The texts were crafted to highlight the benefits of the store, such as quality and variety, in unique decorative pieces. Planned keywords were used. The mix of headlines and descriptions included texts to respond to different types of searches and to engage with the emotional aspect of the customer (triggers).

Used Copy:

SHORT HEADLINES (30 characters)

  1. Your Home with a Special Touch

  2. Renew the Charm of Your Home

  3. Transform Your Home's Spaces

LONG HEADLINES (90 characters)

  1. Various Ready-made and Customizable Options. Rugs, Cushions, Pillowcases, Signs, and More for You.

  2. Hundreds of Amazing and Unique Pieces to Add Charm to Every Space in Your Home.

  3. Everything You're Looking for to Give Your Home a Special Touch Is Here. Come and Explore.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION (60 characters)

  1. Products of Our Own Manufacturing with High Quality Level.

DESCRIPTIONS (90 characters)

  1. Exclusive and Customizable Products with Up to 66% Off, 3 Installments without Interest, and Free Shipping*. Check it out.

  2. Unique Products with Up to 66% Off + Free Shipping* + 3 Installments without Interest = Home Renovated with More Charm.

  3. Unmissable Opportunity to Renew Your Home: Products with Up to 66% Off, Free Shipping*, and 3 Installments without Interest.

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