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Case 1: Pratos de ardósia

National brand that pioneers in manufacturing and selling artisanal utensils made with natural stones. Focus on high standards, exclusivity, and originality. See how I generated revenue for this brand!

Case 2: Yuzo Decorações

Factory and e-commerce platform for original decorative products such as towels, cushions, plaques, blankets, and more. Find out how I helped boost their sales!

Case 3: Sonho Fino

A nationally recognized e-commerce platform for selling confectionery products such as personalized cake boards, tools, and decorations. Discover the copy strategy I used to enhance their sales!

Case 4: Caibem Decorações

An e-commerce store specialized in ready-made and custom-made frames, vases, and arrangements for the home. Notice the informal emphasis on benefits. Explore how I helped this company improve their sales!

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