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Industry: B2B HR
A conversational tone was used, along with copywriting best practices and scanability for a smooth reading experience. Notice the use of surprise, addressing pain points, and the final 'reward' to establish authority.

Parts 1,2 and 3 of the post (pass to the side). Translation bellow the image.

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"The 5 Pillars of People Management in Hybrid Work"

While the peaks of the pandemic may have passed, certain aspects of the market are forever changed.

Hybrid and remote work models, for instance, have become a reality for many companies, bringing new management challenges that some may not be prepared to handle. In an effort to maintain both high performance and employee well-being, leaders need to consider each individual worker and keep these 5 pillars in mind:

1 - Predictability

Directly linked to a sense of security, predictability is a significant factor in aligning the interests of both employees and the organization. Leaders need to establish management rituals such as feedback sessions, priority alignments, and team meetings to address this.

2 - Visibility

Within teams, we all need to feel that what is important to us is acknowledged and validated by others. Leaders can achieve this by utilizing tools that map out the team's thoughts and feelings, or by creating opportunities for them to have a voice within the organization.

3 - Connection and Bonding

As human beings, we also need to feel connected and bonded to something, even when physically distant. Rituals like 1:1 feedback sessions, virtual happy hours, or project squads are crucial in combating the coldness of computer screens and fostering warm relationships.

4 - Health and Well-being

Continuous listening is essential to understanding what your team members think and feel. By practicing active listening, leaders can show that people truly matter to the organization, reduce anxiety, and respond more quickly and effectively to areas that need improvement.

5 - Sense of Belonging

Is your organization's culture and purpose clearly defined? Companies that effectively communicate these aspects (while also caring for employee well-being) tend to experience higher levels of engagement and productivity as a result of this sense of belonging.

Additionally, it is vital to value diversity and inclusion, as they provide a sense of security that individuals will be respected and heard, regardless of their uniqueness.

Extra Pillar: The Data-Driven Pillar

For those who have read this far, I have a special insight for you, leaders and HR managers: the era of people analytics has been underway for some time, and those who have recognized this are already ahead. However, implementing this requires more than just leadership decisions; it also requires the readiness of the organization to change or adjust its organizational culture.

What are your thoughts on these pillars? Let's continue the conversation in the comments!

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