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Case Facebook Ads: Bossa Brasil

Ad 1 - 
Note: The demonstration of this case was authorized by the responsible parties, and its presentation here does not guarantee similar results.
Reach: 98,782
Impressions: 160,475
Impressions/Reach Rate: 62%
Cost per Result: R$29.68
simbolo_flecha_no_alvo (1).png
Trackable Results:
53 purchases in 7 days


Image caption: FOR A LIMITED TIME! Renew your style by paying only R$24.75 for each beautiful and comfortable t-shirt! Up to 5 installments without interest! Don't miss out!
Strategy: Sense of urgency, informal language, emphasizing benefits, and concise copy.

Ad 2 - 
Reach: 12,140
Impressions: 28,713
Impressions/Reach Rate: 43%
Cost per Result: R$0.20
simbolo_flecha_no_alvo (1).png
Trackable Results:
1,133 website visits in 7 days

Image caption: Your chance to renew your style by paying less has arrived! Dozens of beautiful options in fresh and breathable fabric! Check it out!
Strategy: Sense of urgency, informal language, and concise copy.
Note: This ad has a relatively low impressions/reach rate, which is not necessarily bad as it has a good number of views and a relatively low cost per result (which is good).

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