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Case 1: Ebook (Top of Funnel)

Note: The demonstration of this case does not guarantee similar results.
Before and after (swipe to the side). Translation below the results.
A/B Test by: Hubspot
Period: 60 days
Result certainty level: 99%
simbolo_flecha_no_alvo (1).png
Trackable Results:96% increase in conversions

Strategy: The copy addresses the fear of being unprepared or recognizing things incorrectly. It then leverages the authority trigger and highlights the value of the material to stimulate reciprocity.

Before: Title - 35 Best Recognition Practices. Discover the 35 recognition practices to apply in your company.

After: Title - 35 Best Recognition Practices. Effectively recognizing individuals within an organization presents a challenge where various aspects need to be considered, such as frequency, authenticity, and the most suitable channel for the situation.
Based on our experiences, research, and exchanges with companies that are leading in this field, we have compiled this valuable Ebook with the best practices you should know. It includes a range of strategies, from the simplest to the most elaborate ones, to inspire you to start building a great culture in your organization today!
Download now and check it out!

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