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Case 2- Microcopy in a subhead

Note: The demonstration of this case does not guarantee similar results.
Before and after (swipe to the side). Translation below the results.
A/B Test by: Optimize
Period: 66 days
Result certainty level: 100% (time on page) and 96% (tool trial)
simbolo_flecha_no_alvo (1).png
Trackable Results:
28% increase in time on page and 194% increase in tool trial

Strategy: It's worth noting that Microcopy is not necessarily limited to a few words but can also be applied to one or two sentences that strategically use terms to stimulate an action. In this example, only the page subhead was optimized, using expressions that better resonate with the persona's desires and resulting in an increase in page conversion.

Before: Title - Organizational Climate and Engagement.
Gain continuous and in-depth insights into your company with powerful dashboards and actionable recommendations.

After: Title - Organizational Climate and Engagement.
Highly engaged teams generate great results. Monitor how your employees feel in real-time, create effective action plans, and transform your organization.

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