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Case 1- Microcopy in a Call to action (CTA)

Note: The demonstration of this case does not guarantee similar results.
Before and results (swipe to the side). Translation of texts in the imagem below the strategy.
A/B Test by: Hubspot
Period: 21 days
Result certainty level: 88% 
simbolo_flecha_no_alvo (1).png
Trackable Results:
20% increase in conversion

Strategy: The text of the CTA button was changed from "Watch a demo" to "I want a demo." Changing the passive tone of this small text to one with more energy and conviction resonated better with the persona, resulting in higher conversion rates in an A/B test.

Translation of first image:

"Organizational Climate and Engagement Survey Demonstration. It's easy, fast, and you can start pulsing and listening to your employees today! Watch a demo."

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