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Case 3- UX Writing in an APP

Note: The demonstration of this case does not guarantee similar results.
Pre-Final Branding Screens (Swipe for more)
  1. Login Screen
  2. Preferences Selection Message
  3. Registration Process
  4. Event Creation Message for Producers
  5. Profile Screen
  6. Event Category Description Screen
  7. Event Summary Screen
  8. Category Summary Screen
  9. Chosen Event Description Screen
  10. Event Timeline (Posts)
simbolo_flecha_no_alvo (1).png
  • Few usability-related questions received.
  • Positive reception from the audience.

Strategy: The texts for this app were designed from the very beginning, adhering to principles of clarity, consistency, instant feedback, information hierarchy, scannability, and actionable instructions. All texts were also subjected to testing for their final version.

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