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Case Facebook Ads: Marétoa Biquínis

Ad 1 - 
Note: The demonstration of this case was authorized by the responsible parties, and its presentation here does not guarantee similar results.
Reach: 74,589
Impressions: 101,013
Impressions/Reach Rate: 74%
Cost per Result: R$26.10
simbolo_flecha_no_alvo (1).png
Trackable Results:
20 purchases in 7 days


Image caption: Bikinis up to 50% off! Free shipping* to the south and southeast regions. Beautiful models from size S to XXL. UVA and UVB protection +50. *For purchases over R$200.
Strategy: Sense of urgency, overcoming objections, highlighting benefits, informal language, and concise copy.

maretoa anuncio 1.jpg
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