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Shoulders and Sleeves Trends for Summer 2020

Discover the characteristics of this fashion trend that is "making a statement"

Are you finding your wardrobe a bit too dull? Are you thinking of making a bigger impact with your look? Want to know the upcoming trends for shoulders and sleeves?

From time to time, these are recurring questions for many of us because what used to look good at one point may not fit well with a new season or those natural changes in our style. However, one trend that always brings a significant impact to our wardrobe is choosing pieces that enhance our arms and shoulders.

If you want to know the latest words in this fashion trend and get inspiration for amazing looks next year, read this article until the end!

The Latest Shoulder and Sleeve Trends for 2020

Fashion works in waves, highlighting certain body parts and enveloping others in a captivating mystery.

Recently, the trend was focused on drawing collective attention to ankles in outfits. As a result, the pants, stockings, and high boots industries had to adapt, creating models that either emphasized or left that part of the body free.

But now, the focus has shifted to the composition of shoulders and sleeves in our overall appearance, and these parts indeed make a significant difference. Many of the current trends aim to give a more romantic or "Renaissance" feel to the arms through the use of ruffles, volume, or puffed sleeves.

Meanwhile, the shoulder fashion is embracing a minimalist touch reminiscent of the 90s, with one-shoulder or partial shoulder decolletage being prominently featured. This trend is especially great for those with slightly broader shoulders!

But you may be wondering, "How do these pieces fit into a complete look?" The key words of the moment are urban contrast. This means that many of these garments are being combined with jeans, pants, sneakers, or mules.

Now, you're getting a better idea of how to revamp your wardrobe, right? But if you're still uncertain about what to do, check the next section for some hot looks for summer 2020.

Unmissable Looks for This Season

To ensure you make a successful change, here are some outfit combinations that lead this new trend.

1. Puffed Sleeves:


An impactful top with a defined silhouette. Isn't this look incredibly elegant? A good tip here is to appreciate noble fabrics, similar tones, and keep accessories modest.


2.Off-shoulder Style:


With both shoulders fully exposed, this garment works great with jeans, creating a more casual look.

But for those who want to create a more sophisticated look, pairing it with wide-leg pants or fitted trousers is a surefire winner!

3. Side Cutouts:

Pieces that reveal just a bit of the shoulders bring that adorable touch of mystery, don't you think?

Not to mention that women with a larger bust may feel more comfortable with this style than with an off-shoulder design, for example.


4. One-Shoulder:

Lastly, we can't forget to mention pieces that embrace this stunning asymmetry!You can pair this upper part with pleated skirts, jeans, and much more!


If you want to learn more about jeans and their role in the women's revolution, click here and check out the article we wrote on the subject!


So, are you ready to rock these new trends? If you have any questions, feel free to reach out! It will be our pleasure to assist you!

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